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Moslem youth group denounces Anwar's dismissal, warns of crisis

 Fri 04 Sep 98 - 11:47 GMT

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 4 (AFP) - The Moslem Youth Movement of Malaysia (Abim)
denounced Friday the dismissal of deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim,
urging members to remain calm as the country faces an inevitable political

"This shocking decision will create a political crisis, the last thing that
the country needs in view of the economic turmoil we are facing," a
statement said. "This decision is not only a big mistake but a national

Abim said the high-level conspiracy alleged by Anwar on Thursday was "no
longer limited to a circle of party stalwarts" in the United Malays
National Organisation (UMNO), which expelled the former finance minister

"The tamed media has joined the government's bandwagon in the merciless
attack against Anwar," the statement said. "Where normally a public figure
has to be charged in any court of law first before one's removal from
office can be considered, Anwar's case happened to be the other way around."

Abim said allegations of sexual improprieties and being a threat to
national security were a "dubious strategy" of undermining Anwar.

"In the course of accusing America and her allies for arrogance and high
handedness in ganging up on their avowed enemies, and those which refused
to toe the line, our own political leaders are exactly doing the same thing.

"This is hypocrisy. Malaysians are neither robots nor gullible to the
antics of politicians who are good at picking on others shortcomings but
are similarly guilty of such acts," the statement said.

The statement, signed by Abim president Ahmad Azam Abdul Rahman, urged the
group's members to "remain calm and to continue the struggle for truth and
justice within the purview of the law, in the way of Islam."

Abim also urged members "not to be easily swayed by glib rhetoric and
propaganda. We believe that truth and justice will definitly prevail. Those
responsible will surely be haunted by their conscience of guilt.

"Victory is sublimer if achieved through the sweat of sacrifice, with
patience and perseverance," it said.

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