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Anwar's sacking:

Malaysia's Anwar says he might be indicted

Kuala Lumpur, 4.00 pm, Sept 3 (Reuters) - Former Malaysian finance
minister Anwar Ibrahim said on Thursday that he had been told he might
be indicted under either the Official Secrets Act or the Internal
Security Act.

Anwar told a news conference in his home on the day after he was
sacked as deputy prime minister and finance minister that he could not
establish whether Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad was involved in a
conspiracy to bring him down or not.

On Wednesday, the federal police chief said Anwar was under
investigation over allegations, published in a book, of sexual
impropriety. Anwar repeated his denial of the allegations during the
news conference on Thursday, saying he had undergone DNA tests in
Malaysia and abroad to prove his innocence.

Anwar, 51, said he did not know if Mahathir, 72, was directly involved
in what he called a conspiracy to bring him down. "I can't establish
if the PM is directly involved, but I have pledged my loyalty to him,"
Anwar said.

He said he hoped to be able to defend himself at a meeting of the
dominant United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) party leadership
set for 8 p.m. (1200 GMT) on Thursday. "I will defend myself and I
will prove that these are all just baseless and wild   allegations
made against me," he said, adding that he intended to continue his
struggle within UMNO.

"I was not ready to resign because I had repeatedly said that there
was a conspiracy at the highest level to see my downfall,"
Anwar,surrounded by several hundred reporters and supporters, said.

"I am totally surprised and shocked to see that the instruments of
government could have been used in such a despicable manner to stage
this conspiracy to oust me," the 51-year-old former minister said.

"I have documented evidence, tapes, as well as a sworn statement of
oath to prove and defend my integrity."

Anwar, flanked by his wife, was repeatedly interrupted by supporters
who chanted and cheered.