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Supporters start vigil at home of sacked Malaysian deputy premier

      KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 4 (AFP) - Supporters of rebel Malaysian politician Anwar Ibrahim on Friday set up camp
      outside his Kuala Lumpur home in a vigil to support his cause.

      Anwar backers set up tents and provided food for around 200 people outside the luxury bungalow on Friday night.

      Plain clothes police and a single marked police car were also outside, watching a constant stream of well-wishers enter
      the residence including opposition leaders and representatives of human rights groups.

      Anwar, who was sacked Wednesday as deputy premier and finance minister by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad,
      has said he expects to be arrested at any moment.

      Police have said they are investigating allegations against Anwar. Affadavits have been lodged at the High Court
      accusing the former minister of sexual impropriety and endangering national security. He has denied them and claimed
      there is a "high level" conspiracy against him.

      The Anwar campaign set up base hours after about 2,000 supporters gathered outside a mosque near the home for
      Friday prayers. The ousted leader was carried on the shoulders of supporters with his fist clenched in the air as he
      vowed to fight any charges made against him.

      The Anwar camp have also raised the propaganda stakes by launching a website to defend him.

      The site, described as an "unauthorised, unofficial site for Anwar Ibrahim's fans" is in English and Malay, focussing on
      Anwar's calls for political reform and his allegations of a high-level political conspiracy.

      Anwar has said he plans to campaign for reform across Malaysia.

      Anwar was visited Thursday by Fad Hil Nor, head of the Islamic Party (PAS). On Friday, Syed Husin Ali, head of the
      opposition Parti Rakyat Malaysiawent to the sacked minister's home.

      In a statement, Syed expressed "surprise" at the dismissal and said it was the "culmination of an intense power struggle
      within the leadership of the United Malays National Organisation" -- the ruling party led by Mahathir.

      "Once again it has exposed Dr. Mahathir's true self as an authoritarian or even dictatorial leader."

      The PRM president said Mahathir "must give a full explanation to the people for his very drastic action." He added the
      sacking could hamper Malaysia's attempts to pull out of its economic crisis.