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Malaysian police step up pressure on ousted Anwar

      KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 5 (AFP) - Malaysian police on Saturday extended their investigation into sacked deputy
      premier Anwar Ibrahim, who called off the launch of a nationwide reform campaign because of fears of arrest.

      The national police chief said "four new reports" against Anwar had been registered.

      Inspector General Abdul Rahim Noor also accused Anwar of lying to defend himself against accusations he fathered a
      child out of wedlock.

      Anwar, 51, who has been under investigation since being dismissed on Wednesday by Prime Minister Mahathir
      Mohamad, had planned to visit his home bastion of Penang in northern Malaysia.

      Claiming there was a high level conspiracy against him, Anwar had vowed to tour the nation to campaign for political
      reform in a challenge to former mentor Mahathir.

      Anwar's spokesman, Adlin Murtadza Zadrib, said the ousted finance supremo now had heightened fears of being

      "It is postponed for now. We are afraid he may be nabbed for addressing a public gathering," Adlin told reporters
      outside the Anwar residence where dozens of people spent the night.

      Since Anwar was sacked as deputy prime minister and finance minister, serious allegations of sexual impropriety and
      endangering national security have been aired.

      Police have said Anwar is under investigation. But supporters have backed Anwar, who says the allegations are part of
      a top-level conspiracy, and opposition leaders have complained at his treatment.

      Anwar on Saturday met Lim Kit Siang, head of the Democratic Action Party (DAP) and main parliamentary opposition
      leader. Lim called for an emergency meeting of parliament on Anwar's sacking.

      Lim also proposed a royal commission of inquiry into "the serious allegations against Anwar" and the ousted leader's

      "I am not here to defend Anwar (but) he is entitled to fair play," said Lim.

      "We have just come to visit Anwar and to discuss with him my proposal that there should be an emergency parliament
      in view of the gravity of the political crisis."

      Other opposition leaders have also visited Anwar since his sacking.

      The national police chief increased pressure on Anwar, a former favourite of the international financial community
      because of his free market leanings, with details given at a press conference.

      Noor revealed that four new "police reports" involving Anwar were registered while he was still in power.

      He said the reports included interfering with a police investigation, abuse of power and interfering with evidence.

      The police chief said there was proof that Anwar "tried to interfere with the police investigation."

      "If it is needed we will expose this. We are ready to do this for justice," Noor said.

      "We have other evidence that he took strong and consistent initiatives to interfere in the police investigation into his

      Noor hinted that charges were likely to be made.

      He said a decision was up to the deputy public prosecutor. Details were "classified and I am bound by the Official
      Secrets Act. You will hear them in court."

      The police chief also hit back at Anwar's allegations of a conspiracy.

      "It is not true to say that we are not professional, that we are one sided, that we are involved in any conspiracy."

      Noor also commented on accusations in a book, against which Anwar has sought an injunction, that the former deputy
      premier fathered a child out of wedlock.

      The inspector general said that "Anwar lied when said he took a DNA test in the country" over the allegation.

      Anwar says he took two DNA tests, one in Malaysia and one abroad. The overseas test showed he was not the father
      of the child involved while the results of the other test are not yet clear. In response to the inspector general's statement,
      Anwar offered to take a new DNA test.