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Website launched to defend Malaysia's Anwar

      KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 4 (AFP) - Supporters of Malaysia's ousted deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim raised the
      propaganda stakes in their battle with the government Friday by launching a website to defend him.

      The site, described as "the original, unauthorised, unofficial site for Anwar Ibrahim's fans" is in English and Malay,
      focussing on Anwar's calls for political reform and his allegations of a high-level political conspiracy.

      It also includes sworn-statements by Anwar's former driver and a Malay-language news report on the jeers that
      greeted Prime Minister Mohamad Mahathir as he emerged earlier Friday from a ruling party meeting.

      The emergency meeting expelled Anwar from the party following Mahathir's move to fire his former protege on

      No reason has been given for his expulsion, although news reports say affidavits filed in the High Court on Thursday
      accuse the former finance minister of sexual improprieties and jeopardising national security.

      Anwar supporters camped outside of his home handed out fliers on the website -- -- after
      returning from Friday prayers at a mosque where he delivered a fiery speech denouncing the political establishment.