Subject: Anwar is arsenic free....
Background  : Fall from horse 1990 December
                         Assaulted  20-9-1998

Admitted to HUKM :   10-9-1999

Symptons :  Hair Loss
                 Weight Loss

18/8/1999  Urine test showed high level of arsenic.

After Examinations:
Clinically  : - no acute poisoning
               - no signs of chronic poisoning
               - possibility even though not acute or chronic; to look at other causes for the symptoms to occur:
               - found no diabetes, tyroid, HIV, cancer or other abnormalities in kidney etc.

Specimens taken : (i) urine   (ii) hair   (iii) nail.

Sent to Chemistry Department, MINT, UKM (FSKB), Guy's Lab London, and Perth.

Results :  Arsenic found within normal range.
              Confirmed by opinion from Mayo Clinic and

Perth    :  No evidence of poisoning.

1.  No acute or chronic poisoning.
2.  Levels of arsenic found to be within normal range; possibly due to usual exposure.
3.  Presence of medical problems:
        blood pressure / lungs :   to be followed up and treated  accordingly
                                             a)  lungs.
                                             b)  "autonomic dysfunction"
                                             c)  blood pressure
4.  Need to be given nutrition diet.

1.    Specimen :
      -  whether authentic. Assumed name was not acceptable.
      -  delay when specimens were sent to London and Perth.
          i.e. Sent on Saturday; flown on Monday.
    Why the delay by Kontena Nasional?
      -   Whether strict regulations observed. e.g. for London (Refrigerated); not for Perth.

2.   Delay: (Note Melbourne Lab 18-8-1999)
       -  Specimen taken  :  urine  (12-9-1999)
                                     nail and hair (23-9-1999)

3.   Mayo Clinic's / Perth's opinion made on the assumption that :
              a)   the specimen was correct;
      and   b)   that Gribble's Lab findings not conclusive

4.   We are of course glad that Anwar is free from chronic / acute arsenic poisoning.
       -  But, what about : "intermittent, low dose but effective enough to do the damage in the long term?"
       -  The report did not rule out presence of small dose of arsenic.
       -   Whether the problem in the lungs and "autonomyc dysfunction" (blood pressure) is as a result of arsenic contimination?
       -   Whether the small dose of exposure to the arsenic was normal or due to some other intent?
       -   Reference to the opinion of Dr. David Richards (dermatologist) who examined Anwar's hair, and concluded that:  -"most likely due to arsenic poisoning although one needs further biochemical evidence."

1)   We are fortunate and grateful to HUKM.
2)   The findings is a blessing because Anwar apparently does not suffer acute or chronic poisoning. But "intermittent, low dose arsenic" has not been ruled out.

3)    What is worrying is the presence of the symptoms though we have yet to find an organic cause. And secondly, the Gribbles Lab report's findings must be further scrutinised.